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Education & Career Channel Launched

Check out our new “Education & Career Center” that was just launched today on our website.  This new feature allows you to search for the perfect college to fit your interests.  You can search for a college by entering information into the “Find a School” box and clicking, “Find School”. Also included in the channel […]

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Are You Management Material?

Most employees have asked themselves at some point in their careers if they have what it takes to be a manager and not just an employee.  Likewise employers have asked the same question about their employees.  Good managers are hard to find.  Our Business Management Aptitude Test simplifies this process and allows you to get […]

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Find Your Perfect Career

We are about ready to launch our new education portal which will allow you to search for the perfect college for you, take exciting free tests and quizzes to discover your perfect career as well as provide other useful free tools for career and education advancement. In these tough economic times, there have not been […]

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Where does the term, “IQ”, come from?

You hear the term, “IQ”, used everywhere.  What’s my sports IQ?  What’s my 5th Grader IQ?  How well do you score on IQ Tests and Quizzes?  How much lower is Bush’s IQ than mine? Where does this term actually come from and what does it stand for?  IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient in English and […]

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Why Americans Aren’t Dumb

Did you see the MSN article, “Why Americans Aren’t Dumb?” It outlines the suggestion that we are entering a dark age of reason due to our “WII-playing” ways but then counters that by saying that our average IQ has increased steadily for decades.  Are we really Smarter than a Fifth Grader?  Are we increasing in intelligence […]

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Interactive Testing