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A Mensa-Centric World

How much does an IQ score mean to our modern society? That is a good “thinking question” to ask ourselves when going about our everyday lives.  At Starbucks, how many of those people drinking coffee around you are called, Dr. so-and-so?  How many have advanced degrees and belong to Mensa?  How many might not even […]

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History of the IQ Test – Part 3

In my last 2 posts in this series about the history of the IQ test, I discussed the history and conception of the modern IQ test from the early half of the Twentieth Century. Over the last 100 years, there have been many variations and revisions to some of the earlier IQ tests from the […]

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History of the IQ Test – Part 2

This is the second installment of my blog series about the History of the IQ Test.  Previously I discussed that it was Alfred Binet in 1904 who invented the modern concept of an IQ Test and William Stern in 1912 who first coined the term, IQ. The original formula used to calculate an IQ score […]

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History of the IQ Test – Part 1

Most of us know quite well of what an IQ score and IQ test are.  Legitimate IQ Tests such as our Free IQ Test use scientific data to help calculate an IQ score based on answered questions. The idea of an IQ Test is often associated with the image of Einstein or The Thinker, but […]

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Are You Management Material?

The job market all around the country has weakened considerably due to the current recession.  Salaries are being cut, jobs are being lost.  And yet there are still opportunities out there for advancement.  This job market and the economy will eventually turn around.  Will you be ready when it does? We offer a great free […]

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Interactive Testing