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Are You Management Material?

As the economy continues to struggle from the most recent recession, many people have found themselves either unemployed or underemployed.  Thousands are losing their jobs in blue collar industries such as restaurants, retail, construction, and many other hourly jobs.  Others who were lucky enough to avoid being laid off found themselves underemployed where their hours […]

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Toyota iQ & Intelligence

The word, IQ, seems to be not only on the minds of consumers but also companies looking for product names.  Toyota is unveiling one of their newest cars, the Toyota iQ.  It should be out in Europe soon and may make its way to America shortly. What does this choice of naming say about the car […]

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Improve Your Brain in the New Year

As we start to dig into the new year many are fast at work on their resolutions.  Once again the most common resolution is to lose weight.  This focus on the body is indeed important, but sometimes overlooked is the mind.  Our brain needs just as much of a workout as our thighs or belly. […]

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Interactive Testing