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Is There a Meaning of Life?

Just because we have become conscious at some point in the past, does it mean that there must be a meaning of life?  Perhaps the nihilists have it right – there is no meaning, only life. This may seem pessimistic, but it is a valid consideration. Maybe it is selfish to think that we have […]

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To Be Selfless or Selfish

In the beginning, there were people, and they were confused. They existed, they thought, they hunted, they gathered, they made more of themselves. However, why were they there? How were they there? How did the world around them exist? It is commonly stated that religion and faith came from an attempt by our ancestors to […]

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Rethinking Your Career

Across the nation, many are thinking about the future of their careers. Such reflection is caused by the massive layoffs occurring throughout many sectors of the economy. However, uncertainty about the future may actually be a welcome wake up call for many who are considering a career change. Examples of this can be found in […]

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Interactive Testing