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What is the Florida FCAT?

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, more commonly known as the FCAT, is a series of exams given to students of specific grade levels over the course of their public school career.  As Florida’s public schools are guided by detailed “Sunshine State Standards” and benchmarks in all core realms of academia, the FCAT serves to critically […]

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What’s in the ITBS? – Grades 1-2 (Levels 7-8)

The ITBS testing (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) is a comprehensive standardized assessment test which evaluates a student’s level in all of the major subject areas including Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Science. Here is a breakdown of what specifically is covered for grades 1 & 2: Vocabulary Reading Vocabulary  Word Analysis  Assess how well students […]

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About the TerraNova Testing

The TerraNova is a nationally-administered standardized assessment test similar to the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) and the SAT-10 (Stanford Achievement Test, Version 10).  The overall purpose of the TerraNova is to provide achievement scores that are valid for most types of educational decision-making.  This gives teachers, parents, and tutors a better understanding of a student’s educational strengths and weaknesses […]

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What is the ITBS?

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or more commonly know as the "Iowa Test" or "ITBS Test" is a nationally administered assessment for children in grades kindergarten through eigth grade.  The test itself is divided into different levels which are roughly equated to a specific corresponding grade level. Level 6 = Grade K-1     The purpose […]

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Why SAT-10?

Many schools throughout the nation use the Stanford Achievement Test, Tenth Edition for their standardized assessment testing.  Tests such as these can be great tools to help pinpoint weaknesses as well as assess strengths.  Since the actual test can be used for placement and evaluation purposes, it is essential that students do well and are well […]

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