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New study finds that light drinking during pregnancy may not affect intelligence

  Expectant parents can often stress about the kinds of things they are exposing their unborn child to, and wondering if it could have lasting side effects on areas such as intellectual development. Some individuals may be concerned about lightly drinking alcohol and how it could possibly harm their unborn child’s cognitive function. However, researchers […]

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Iron could potentially help a child’s IQ score

Parents who are looking to boost their child’s IQ scores can use different methods that have been shown to increase brain power.  Scientists have pointed to some nutrients that could potentially help or hurt brain development, depending on the dosage that individuals receive on a regular basis.   An iron deficiency has the potential to stunt a child’s brain development, […]

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Study finds female executives are more than twice as likely to leave their positions

In the current state of the economy, many people are concerned about their job security, despite how they may feel about their positions.  However, a new study found that a female executive is more likely to leave her role than her male counterpart. According to research published in Economic Inquiry, women executives were more than twice as likely to leave their […]

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Personality tests may limit the number of narcissists in business schools

  Many individuals entering business school could have a certain sense of narcissism, which could cause problems within the program. As a result of this behavior, BusinessWeek is reporting that some business schools are opting to give personality tests to their students in order to determine what kind of applicants they’re receiving. The news provider […]

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