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Brain stimulation may help boost memory

  As people grow older, they may take an IQ test to see how their cognitive abilities have improved or worsened with time. However, even if these individuals’ memory begins to fade, they may have a way to give it the jolt it needs in the not-too-distant future. A recent University of California, Los Angeles […]

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What to ask oneself before a job interview

Once jobseekers take a career test, they may feel as though they are on the fast-track to employment. However, these individuals still need to get through an interview. While job candidates will be expected to answer a series of questions during an interview, they should consider asking themselves a few questions as a way of […]

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Getting a job search back on the right track

  With 24-hour news networks pummeling jobseekers with bleak employment numbers on a consistent basis, it can be hard for some of these individuals to stay optimistic about their career goals. However, The Globe and Mail recently provided a few tips that may help people stay positive during their search for work. For instance, the […]

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Cognitive challenges might make older adults more open

The American Psychological Association states that as people get older, they may face cognitive changes such as memory problems and difficulties processing information. However, new research shows that efforts to improve these individuals’ cognition may actually lead to personality changes. In a recent study, which appeared in the journal Psychology of Aging, researchers had individuals […]

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Gifted student to enter college early

Thanks to Kristina Hu’s academic performance, the 16-year-old high school student is on the fast track to earn her college degree, the Fairfax Times reported. Hu, who is formally in the class of 2013 at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, will now graduate alongside members of the class of 2012. […]

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Interactive Testing