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Inhaling second-hand smoke may damage memory

When the tobacco in a cigarette, cigar or pipe burns, a combination of sidestream and mainstream smoke – or secondhand smoke (SHS) – is produced. According to the American Cancer Society, exposure to SHS in children and adults who do not smoke can lead to disease and even death. While most nonsmokers are no doubt aware of these risks, […]

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LSAT preparation found to strengthen reasoning skills

As lawyers are required to sift through and absorb large amounts of information, individuals who wish to enter this profession should possess good reasoning skills. Prospective attorneys will be pleased to learn that all the preparation they do for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) may actually improve these vital skills, according to a recent […]

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Reasons to consider a job change

When the economy is healthy and employment opportunities abound, people may think nothing of quitting their job and looking for a new line of work. With the national unemployment rate at 8.3 percent, economic conditions are less than ideal. As a result, those who are fortunate enough to have a job will want to carefully […]

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Interactive Testing