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Study shows prestige and dominance help make powerful leaders

When individuals take an aptitude test, they may analyze their likability to determine whether they are suitable to be strong leaders. While this has long been considered a characteristic of a leader, a new study by the University of British Columbia shows that when choosing leaders, people tend to prefer individuals who emanate dominance and prestige rather […]

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Skills jobseekers should possess in the year ahead

While every jobseeker has his or her own unique skill set, there are certain abilities and characteristics most employers find more desirable in potential employees. If individuals want to get serious about landing their ideal position in 2013, it may be time for them to consider taking a career test to see just how attractive a candidate they are […]

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Jobseekers can learn a lot from Santa Claus

Whether or not people celebrate Christmas, it is hard for them to avoid all the festive decorations that are already on display in some stores. In addition to taking a career test, jobseekers should get into the holiday spirit and consider how they can receive job search inspiration from Santa Claus himself. If presents and reindeer are all […]

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Low childhood intelligence linked to chronic widespread pain later in life

Chronic widespread pain (CWP) is considered to be one of the core symptoms of fibromyalgia. According to the Mayo Clinic, issues related to memory, mood and sleep can also accompany musculoskeletal pain. While doctors do not know what causes fibromyalgia, new research indicates parents may be able to predict whether or not their children will develop CWP based on the results […]

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