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Vision tests may accurately predict IQ

When people want to see how intelligent they are, they frequently turn to an IQ test. However, new research indicates that there may be another way to accurately predict how smart people are: a simple vision test. Fox News reports that a study published in the journal "Current Biology" indicates that people's ability to focus […]

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College majors with promising job prospects

Before students choose their college major, they may take a career aptitude test to see what kind of work they are suited for. If landing a job soon after they graduate is a top priority, degree seekers should also consider what majors guarantee promising employment prospects. For insight into which college majors can help students […]

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Drop in IQ could predict schizophrenia

For some individuals, taking an IQ test can be a fun way to see how their intelligence quotient compares to that of geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. At the same time, the results of one of these assessments may be able to inform them of their risk of developing schizophrenia. That is because researchers […]

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