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History of IQ test

Some children are given an intelligence quotient (IQ) test in order to test their mental ability and determine what they can handle in their academia. However, many people may not realize the history of the IQ test. According to, British scientist Sir Frances Galton was one of the first people to be recognized for […]

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Technology is enabling companies to assess potential hires in new ways

Technology is changing the face of nearly every industry in the world, and big data is playing as important a role in that evolution as anything else. One of the most important ways big data is transforming industry is the ability it gives companies, especially large corporations, to search for information on potential hires, including their […]

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Researchers link postoperative pain to temporary memory problems

Significant information shows that different types of surgery can have an effect on the mind. For example, the Cleveland Clinic states that individuals who undergo cardiac bypass surgery could experience short- or long-term cognitive changes. New evidence indicates that a surgical incision and the pain it causes could influence the postoperative cognitive dysfunction patients experience. Researchers from […]

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