14-year-old boy dubbed genius

To be considered a genius, a person must achieve an IQ greater than 140. Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Sigmund Freud all earned the prestigious title, so anyone else who does is in the company of many renowned people. Paulius Zabotka is a 14-year-old boy living in Worcester, England, who is now considered a genius. He earned a 162 IQ score, which is the highest possible score children in his age group can earn.

Discovering smarts
According to the Mirror Online, Paulius' parents always thought he was clever. The family emigrated from Lithuania right before Paulius began attending school. Within six months, the young genius spoke English fluently. As he grew older, he would read books, memorize facts and recite specific information to his parents. 

"The teachers said he was ahead of everybody," Egle Zabotka, Paulius' mother who is a data analyst, told the source. "He always had a good memory."

The Zabotkas learned that Mensa, an organization for geniuses, would be testing people near their home. Because they already believed their son was intelligent, Paulius' parents thought the testing would be a good opportunity to learn just how bright their son truly was. They were surprised by the results. 

"But we were amazed when he got the highest possible score. We always thought he was quite bright but we did not really think that would be the outcome," Zabotka told the source. "We were very pleased to say the least."

The outcome of IQ scores
Because Paulius scored so high (in the top 1 percent of England, to be exact), he was invited to join Mensa. To be recruited, a person must have an official IQ score in the top 2 percent of the general population. The social organization does not go by IQ score number, as various tests may produce slightly different scores for the same person. Going by percentage allows Mensa to compare scores from test to test. Paulius will be able to participate in the group, attend events, contact members online, etc.

The future for the young genius
Paulius hopes to study electrical engineering at Cambridge University in the future. He enjoys math and science, but is also creative. The young genius makes his own movies and puts them on YouTube. He also plays guitar and loves music. In his spare time, Paulius likes to play video games, which seems very normal for a boy his age. Though Paulius is smarter than most people in the world, he's still a fun-loving kid.

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