December holidays to discuss with your gifted child

December is full of interesting holidays. Along with some of the ones commonly celebrated in the United States, like Hanukkah and Christmas, there are many festive occasions this month all over the world. Your gifted child may enjoy learning about these holidays:

Boxing Day
If you have ever looked at a calendar you may have spotted the label "Boxing Day" on December 26. The British may celebrate this holiday by hunting foxes on horseback. According to Mental Floss, this 24-hour period involves a similar shopping frenzy to that of "Black Friday" in the U.S. People give one another gifts on this, the day after Christmas, because it was often celebrated by peasants and poor people who would have to work hard on the 25th to make sure their master's holiday table was prepared. Individuals share presents and wishes for good luck throughout the year in honor of Boxing Day.

This Japanese holiday is akin to New Years. Kidzworld wrote that many Japanese people spend December 31 preparing for the new year by cleaning their homes and readying for a feast. The act of preparing for the upcoming 365 days is referred to as "osoji." At 11 p.m., families gather to enjoy long noodles in broth to signify a long life. Then, at midnight, temple bells ring 108 times for each earthly want which is thought to cause human suffering. Once the new year has arrived, people visit Shintos shrines or head to parties to celebrate.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
According to Catholic Online, the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe takes place in Mexico on December 12. This is the date that Juan Diego, a 57-year-old man is supposed to have been visited by the Virgin Mary in the form of an apparition. The spirit told him to encourage his bishop to build an Aztec temple at the place where she showed herself to him. Diego eventually succeeded in persuading the bishop, and the temple was built on the site where the man was visited by the Lady. Mexican Catholics enjoy the holiday by feasting in the name of their patron saint.

Humbug Day
If you've ever read or seen "A Christmas Carol," you're familiar with the character Scrooge. He is famous for saying, "Bah humbug!" to all things Christmas. On this date, December 21, people are welcome to vent their stresses about preparing for Christmas. Getting out all your frustrations on this day will leave room for the joy of the actual holiday!

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