Hyper intelligent teen takes the fashion world by storm

Brilliantly minded people can do a lot with their lives – not all geniuses have to become astrophysicists. This is evident in 13-year-old Isabella Rose Taylor, who is about to become one of the youngest fashion designers to ever work with a major retailer. Her intelligent and creative mind, fierce determination, hard work and passion have led the Austin native to live out her dreams.

From diapers to haute couture
According to CBS, Isabella has shown an affinity for the arts since a young age. She was 3 years old when she first began to paint. At age 8, her parents sent her to a summer sewing camp, where she delved into the craft with enthusiasm.

"I think my parents saw how committed I was when I tried to sew a collection that summer," Isabella told the source.

The aspiring designer spent her free time creating inspiration boards from which her ideas sprang. She continued sewing and was eventually asked to put on trunk shows at boutiques near her home. Isabella's designs even made an appearance at Austin's Fashion Week. As her popularity skyrocketed, seasoned designers offered to mentor her.

Isabella graduated high school at the age of 12. Now, she is taking courses at a community college to get an associate degree in fine arts. When she's 18 years old, Isabella wants to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Isabella's next big steps are two-fold: In September of 2014, she'll showcase her clothing at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Additionally, Isabella just signed a deal with Nordstrom to sell 13 pieces from her latest collection.

Brilliant and creative
Around the time Isabella began sewing, she was enrolled in a gifted school program. It was there that she discovered she qualified to join Mensa, a social society for highly intelligent people. To be invited into Mensa, one must have an IQ score that's at or above the 98th percentile. The group doesn't list an actual score requirement, as some intelligence tests produce different results. Isabella's induction into Mensa only solidified what others already knew about her – she is a clever girl with tons of potential. Not only that, but she's quite mature and very realistic about her career.

"I understand that I do have a lot of novelty, but eventually one of my goals is to not have it not all be about my novelty and have it be people appreciating my designs," Isabella told CBS.

Appearing in a prestigious fashion event and signing on with a major retailer are certainly good starting points. 

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