A Mensa-Centric World

How much does an IQ score mean to our modern society?

That is a good “thinking question” to ask ourselves when going about our everyday lives.  At Starbucks, how many of those people drinking coffee around you are called, Dr. so-and-so?  How many have advanced degrees and belong to Mensa?  How many might not even have a high school education?

Our society even today is still quite divided among those who call themselves intelligent and those who do not.  Blue collar versus white collar.  “Haves” versus “have nots”.  Those two groups have actually become more distant from each other over the last decade as the disparity in income levels between the rich and poor has increased dramatically.

Now, how does an IQ score fit in to all of this?  As has been for centuries, those who are in the top half of the intelligence scale tend to be among the “haves” rather than the “have nots”.  That is good news for the Einsteins of the world, but not for the Simple Jack’s.

Where do you fall in the scale?  Take our Online IQ Test and find out now.  This Free IQ Test is a certified scientific assessment of intelligence.

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