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Jonathan Paul is the Chancellor and a co-founder of FunEducation, Inc., one of the premier online testing providers of IQ tests, personality tests, career profiles and standardized practice materials.

Jonathan started his career in technology as a corporate attorney specializing in advising start-up and emerging growth companies.  He is licensed to practice law in California and Texas and is qualified as a solicitor (non-practising) in England and Wales.  Prior to attending law school, he served four years in the United States Navy as a communications officer. Jonathan received his BA in History, with distinction, from the Virginia Military Institute and a JD from the University of Texas School of Law.  He is a member of both Mensa™ – the high IQ society, and Intertel™ – for people who test in the 99th percentile on an IQ test.

These posts discuss the resources used in his constant pursuit to discover the meaning of life.

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