Business school success may be linked to certain traits

Business school success may be linked to certain traits

While entrepreneurs do not need to possess a set number of personality traits, they tend to have certain characteristics that help them launch and grow their own businesses. For instance, the U.S. Small Business Administration states that individuals interested in entrepreneurship should be independent, persuasive, creative and comfortable with taking risks.

Before entrepreneurs go on to start their own companies, many feel more comfortable expanding their skill set in business school while earning a master of business administration. However, if they think this will help them in the long run, they may want to first take a business management aptitude test and see if they possess some of the characteristics of successful business students.

Business 2 Community recently highlighted what it believes to be some of the traits successful business school graduates tend to have. For instance, it is important for students to be decisive, as they will need to make strong decisions while in academia and throughout their careers.

At the same time, it helps for them to be leaders and team players. When students launch their careers, they may find themselves overseeing projects. While doing this, they need to show they respect the opinions and feelings of their coworkers and employees to foster a productive work environment.

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