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In a competitive job market, people who are looking to find a good job may pull out all the stops, from taking a career test to scouring their social network for potential employment opportunities. However, if they end up landing an interview, their overall tone could be what gives them a competitive advantage over the competition.

According to CBS MoneyWatch, there are a few things job candidates who wish to strike the right tone should do. For starters, they need to think about their approach to selling themselves as a possible employee. It is important for individuals to be confident, but humble, as they explain what experience and skills they possess that could be of value.

Job candidates' energy level should remain high, but that does not mean they should babble or make prolonged eye contact. Individuals should stay concise when answering their questions, and be sure not to keep talking any longer than is necessary.

In addition to following these steps, job candidates need to make sure to mind their manners. Quintessential Careers recommends they avoid chewing gum, telling jokes and offering a weak handshake if they wish to leave a good impression.

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