Computerized brain fitness program keeps older minds in shape

Computerized brain fitness program keeps older minds in shape

While it is not uncommon for older adults to return to school to pick up new skills or learn about something they are passionate about, there are ways to keep their minds sharp outside of academia as well. Some individuals tackle the morning newspaper’s crossword puzzle, while others try to fit a few hours of reading into their daily routine.

Recently, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles found that using a computerized brain fitness program was linked to improved memory and language skills among older individuals.

During their study, researchers worked with 59 participants with an average age of 84. They were divided into two groups, with the first one spending an average of 73.5 sessions using the program, while the second used it less than 45 times. After these sessions, it was the individuals who used the program for a longer period of time that experienced cognitive improvements.

For the researchers, these findings shed light on the benefits of brain fitness tools, as well as what impact they could have in the battle to prevent cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s disease.

If older adults believe their brain has changed with age, they can always take an IQ test and find out if they are correct.

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