Could library support ultimately affect student performance?

The quality of a library was shown to boost reading scores 

Many arguments have taken place over the amount of money that school systems receive and how a lack of funds could hinder student potential.

While many feel as though financial backing for books and teachers are what indicates high student performance, a new study from Mansfield University is suggesting that the amount of money spent on the quality of a school’s library may also have repercussions in student performance.

Researchers looked at public schools in 22 states and one Canadian province to determine that increased financial support for libraries often correlates with boosted reading scores within the school system.

The study’s authors suggest that libraries of higher quality may be able to work as a supplement for students who are from a low socioeconomic background and may not otherwise have the educational support they need outside of the classroom.

"Quality school library programs impact student achievement," said Debra E. Kachel, a professor in the School Library and Information Technologies Department at Mansfield University. "The research shows clearly that schools that support their library programs give their students a better chance to succeed."

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