Could video games serve as a form of personality test?

Some companies are using the popular hobby for job applicants 

Many companies choose to give personality tests to their applicants in order to gauge what kind of worker the candidate might be. For example, businesses that are particularly wary of dishonest employees may be extra scrutinous on their personality tests in order to weed out the job seekers who are just looking to give the right answer but don’t mean what they say.

However, while some personality tests may consist of a question-and-answer form, other businesses are looking to get interactive. According to Computer World, some companies are beginning to use video games as a way to determine one’s personality.

The news provider reports that innovative companies are choosing to use game-like simulations to ask potential employees about job-specific problems. Those who score the highest in these games are most likely to be successful within the position.

Of course, there are standard personality tests that rate one’s most important characteristics when it comes to selecting them for a job. These qualities include extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness and neuroticism.

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