Delivery method does not affect IQ test scores

Many studies suggest that the way in which a baby is delivered does not affect his or her IQ test scores.
Parents who wanted to enroll their children in California’s Dry Creek School District were surprised to find that one of the questions on their application asked how their children were delivered, the Daily Mail reports. Mothers who answered "caesarean section" were then required to explain why this procedure was performed.

Although some individuals speculated that this was asked because delivery method can affect a child’s IQ test scores, various studies have found that this is not true.

For example, in a 2005 study by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, researchers looked at 8,738 male infants who were born in breech – where the child is feet or buttocks first – and 384,832 male babies who were born in cephalic presentation – which is considered "normal" and more common. They then compared their delivery methods with their IQ test scores. These researchers found that the presentation at birth did not affect their participants intellectually.

Additionally, a study by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists indicated that while babies who were born in breech presentation had slightly higher intelligence scores, once important factors like mothers’ ages and mothers’ education level were factored in, delivery method did not make a difference.

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