During the job search, names matter – to some employers

During the job search, names matter – to some employers

Whether individuals are out of work or looking to switch careers, creating an effective resume, perfecting their interview strategies and making sure they have the proper credentials are probably top priorities. One thing they have very little control over is their name – something that may actually influence companies' hiring decisions.

According to CBS MoneyWatch, a 2003 study revealed how participating job interviewers made hiring decisions based on resumes alone. It turns out that applicants who had a name that sounded "white" were 50 percent more likely to receive an interview offer than names that sounded like they could belong to African Americans.

While this is not the case with every company jobseekers apply to, candidates have faced other types of problems because of their name. For instance, Glenn Miller, a senior software engineer, told CNNMoney he had to put up with his fair share of jokes, as he shares a name with an acclaimed American jazz musician.

"It changes the tenor of the interview to have that opening dialog, Miller said. "I think it makes people not take me seriously."

Rather than worrying about how their names will be perceived, jobseekers should consider focusing their efforts on what they can control, such as the direction of their job search. Taking a career test may help them achieve this.


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