Employers can see through job seekers’ lies

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A career test can reveal much about a job seeker, from their personality traits to the types of occupations that may be best for them. What this assessment does not provide are tips for a job search. However, people do not need a test to tell them that lying when applying for employment is always a bad idea.

Still, this does not stop job seekers from lying on their resumes and job applications every year. In fact, Patrick Barnett, a background and legal investigator at ARS Employment Background Screening, told CBS MoneyWatch that studies have shown as many as 35 percent of resumes feature employment lies.

HireRight, a provider of employment screening services, reports that lying about one's employment, education, salary and criminal history are among the most common job candidate fibs.

In some cases, job seekers may wonder how likely they are to actually get caught by a potential employer. The answer, according to CBS MoneyWatch, is very likely. Companies understand what lengths people are willing to go to in order to land a job and, as a result, are on the lookout for dishonest candidates.

It is not hard for employers to verify an individual's job or salary history. At the same time, labs that specialize in running drug tests are aware of the tricks people use to pass these types of screenings.

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