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We are about ready to launch our new education portal which will allow you to search for the perfect college for you, take exciting free tests and quizzes to discover your perfect career as well as provide other useful free tools for career and education advancement.

In these tough economic times, there have not been better times to re-think your career.  In researching your career, a good place to start is with our free Career Personality Test which is designed to provide a complete personality profile as well as rate you on how well your personality fits into over 300 career choices.  It is a free test, so you have nothing to lose!

After taking the Career Test, you might want to use our new College Search tool to find a college that is right for you.  There are now many online and campus schools across the nation that provide advanced education to working professionals.  Those with advanced degrees typically earn much more than those without degrees, so this might be a good option to look into when considering a new career.

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    hey hey this is my new job ya digg !

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