Gifted 5-year-old’s paintings headed for exhibition

Gifted 5-year-old's paintings headed for exhibition

Some parents may assume that an IQ test for kids is only appropriate for children who excel in subjects like math and language arts. However, this is not always the case. In fact, the National Association for Gifted Children states that these kids demonstrate exceptional levels of aptitude in one or more domains, which can range from math and language to music and painting.

At the age of 5, U.K. resident Heidi Hankins has not only joined Mensa, but shown her level of comfort using a paint brush, The Daily Mirror reported. This is not bad, considering she only started using water colors around six weeks ago. Many of Heidi's paintings depict natural scenes, such as a lone seagull soaring over a seascape. Their quality is so astonishing that her parents are currently planning an exhibition focused on her work.

"She picks up on things very quickly," Matthew Hankins, Heidi's father, told the news source. "She likes drawing birds and they have real shapes to them, not just lines in the sky. It comes from her observation."

It is not just her parents who are singing Heidi's praises, as art experts like Nick Stewart of the Winchester School of Art are equally impressed by the maturity on display in the gifted child's paintings. 

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