Gifted 7-year-old authors book about dinosaurs

Gifted 7-year-old authors book about dinosaurs

A lot of children have a fascination with dinosaurs, but very few actually sit down to write a book about them – especially before the age of 7. However, this is exactly what United Arab Emirates resident Pritvik Sinhadc has accomplished, Friday magazine reported.

Pritvik is a self-taught paleontologist with a passion for the prehistoric creatures that once ruled the Earth. He knows which dinosaur was the largest herbivore, how to spell out their often complex names and other dinosaur facts people twice his age do not know.

"I am fascinated by the creatures," Pritvik told the news source. "I simply cannot stop reading and learning more about them."

For this reason, Pritvik wrote the soon-to-be-released book, "When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth." In addition to becoming a young author, the 7-year-old also happens to have an IQ of 165, which is higher than Albert Einstein’s reported IQ of 160. Pritvik’s parents said their son was speaking clearly at just six months old.

According to the American Association for Gifted Children, youths who talk at an early age, exhibit a unique learning style, have greater attention spans and love inquiry-based projects may be considered gifted. If parents feel their children share similar qualities, they may want to have them sit for an IQ test for kids.

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