Family moves for better gifted education opportunities

Family moves for better gifted education opportunities

Gaining entry into Mensa, the high IQ society, is no small feat. After all, not just anybody can join. According to Mensa International's website, members have to have an IQ that is in the top 2 percent of the population to join the organization, which is comprised of around 110,000 Mensans.

Elizabeth, Kate and Victoria Wilson, who are triplets, understand this, as their IQs meet this requirement and, as a result, they qualify to join Mensa, ABC News reported. The brainy 9-year-old triplets are currently adjusting to their new life in New Jersey, where they recently moved to for educational purposes.

Although the Wilson family had been living in Florida, Jeffrey Wilson, the triplets' father, felt his daughters would have better academic opportunities in the Northeast. The goal is to find the girls an environment where their gifts will be nurtured and not ignored.

"If you've got a smart kid you don't want them to be bored," Victoria Liguez, marketing manager for Mensa's American branch, told the news source. "We want all children to be engaged, especially the smart ones."

Parents who think their children could be as bright as the Wilson triplets may want to have them take an IQ test for kids before they begin their search for the right gifted education programs.

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