Young and bright New Yorkers denied spots in gifted programs

New York gifted programs

Many educators recognize that gifted students require an approach to instruction that is different than what others their age receive. If the results of an IQ test for kids show that a child has talents his or her peers do not, it is in parents' best interest to consider education options for gifted pupils.

Unfortunately, parents may have to overcome hurdles on their way to providing their children with the education they deserve. This is the case in New York City, where only 54 percent of students eligible for spots in gifted and talented programs have offers from schools for the coming academic year, NY1 reported. This is a significant drop from last fall, when 73 percent of gifted students received offers.

According to the New York City Department of Education, students who display exceptional academic capacity can turn to the Department's gifted and talented programs. Parents who take advantage of these options will see their children grouped with similar students as they receive instruction that is aligned with their advanced abilities.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost for the families that did not receive an offer for this fall, as education officials have said there are other options beyond gifted and talented classes. If the parents of gifted children find themselves in a similar situation, they should consider their options before placing their kids in a classroom that will hurt, rather than help them thrive.


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