Gifted students’ talents can go unnoticed in college

Gifted students' talents can go unnoticed in college

Identifying individuals as gifted at a young age through methods such as an IQ test for kids is essential to their long-term development. The National Association for Gifted Children estimates that about 3 million gifted children attend schools throughout the U.S. Despite this high number, these students' learning needs are not always addressed.

Gifted students require an approach to instruction that reflects their abilities, personalities and interests. When these individuals receive instruction that is catered to all students, rather than them alone, problems can arise. This is what researchers behind a study funded by the Australian arm of Mensa are finding, according to the Herald Sun.

The researchers are learning that gifted students often struggle when they reach college, as many courses focus more on educating struggling degree seekers than gifted ones.

"Some of these young people leave the school system where they have been challenged by teachers who see their talents and they arrive at [university] where no one knows that they are bright and can do more," Mensa spokeswoman Ainslie Waldron told the news source.

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