Gifted student competes in app-designing competition

Gifted student competes in app-designing competition

If people own a smartphone or tablet computer, it is likely they have downloaded and used at least one mobile app. After all, there have been more than 15 billion downloads from Google Play, which is just one of many app stores on the internet, according to TechCrunch.

As these mobile programs are so popular, many of today's tech-savvy students may be tomorrow's app designers. A total of seven girls at Lincoln Middle School in Colorado do not have to wait for their careers to begin to do just that, as they have been designing an app since November, The Coloradoan reported.

At 11 years old, sixth-grader Mikki Haas is one of the Poudre School District's many gifted and talented students. As part of the District's Advanced Learning Plan, Mikki is required to compete in Verizon's Innovative App Challenge. To have a chance at winning, Mikki must design an app that provides homework assistance. To accomplish this task, she recruited six of her peers.

While some students might feel pressured to win, Mikki and her teammates are not worried.

"Even if we lose, it would be fun," Mikki told the news source.

If parents think their own children would enjoy the types of projects gifted students like Mikki tackle, they may want to have them complete an IQ test for kids to see if they should be considered gifted.


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