Gifted students work to improve the look of their school campus

Gifted students work to improve the look of their school campus



If parents believe their children have what it takes to achieve a high score on an IQ test for kids, they should encourage them to take one of these assessments. Parents may discover that their children are in fact gifted learners, which will help them find education options that will nurture their talents.

When parents do not identify their children's talents early on, kids stand to miss out on opportunities that could help them thrive, in and outside of school. At Connecticut's Windsor High School, for example, students from the institution's gifted and talented program are working to make their campus a little more aesthetically pleasing, the ReminderNews reported.

The students are currently participating in "Operation Courtyard," a project with a goal to take a courtyard that has been battered by brutal weather and transform it into a beautiful outdoor space.

"It shows we're not just a bunch of kids and we can get things done," Kaitlyn Ali, one of the students participating in the project, told the news source.

These types of projects can be helpful to gifted students' intellectual and personal growth. The National Association for Gifted Children states that the development of gifted children's talents is a lifelong process. As a result, parents may want to begin this process as early as possible.

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