Give a powerful response to a basic interview question

Give a powerful response to a basic interview question

Before jobseekers even interview for a position, they have an idea of what types of questions they will be asked. For instance, there are few interviews that do not begin with candidates being asked to describe themselves.

According to CBS MoneyWatch, this question presents individuals with an opportunity to start their interview on an impactful note, rather than kicking things off with information on where they grew up. Using information from the Personal Branding Blog, the news source offered a few ways jobseekers can respond to this question.

One option is for candidates to summarize their careers in one sentence. This provides interviewers with a brief, but broad, overview. Something else jobseekers may want to respond with is a single highlight from their working history.

Another way individuals can respond is with an answer that shows they have their sights set on the future. The news outlet reported that whatever they say should relate to how the position they have applied for will help make their career goals a reality.

No matter what jobseekers say, their answer should never delve into the personal aspects of their life, according to

Of course, before individuals have a chance to interview for a position, they need to find an employer they could see themselves working for. Taking a career aptitude test may help them track down the right work environment.

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