House passes COMPETES bill to be signed

The bill was passed through the House

The House of Representatives agreed to a stripped-down version of the America COMPETES Act from the Senate, which is designed to strengthen research, education and other federal agencies.

Through the bill, there will be new programs that are focused on boosting math and science education. However, COMPETES does not provide any money toward agencies, and a number of Republicans were still angry about the passing, according to the Science Insider.

While education is one of the major parts of the bill, politicians are suggesting that it could also help sectors such as manufacturing get back on top.

"I know some do not like this bill. And I share some of those concerns," Michigan Republican Representative Vern Ehlers told the news provider. "But if we don’t act, we are letting down the manufacturing sector."

The boost in math and science education could be good news, as a number of reports have shown that students in the U.S. do not excel as high in math and science as other nations, a bolster in the curriculum could be a positive step in pushing for higher standardized test scores.

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