How baby boomers can overcome age discrimination in their job search

How baby boomers can overcome age discrimination in their job search

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, age discrimination, such as not hiring an individual based on age, is against the law. Unfortunately, it still occurs in companies across the nation.

Based on survey results from Millennial Branding – a research and consulting firm – and – an online career network – baby boomers, more so than jobseekers from other generations, face age discrimination when looking for work.

As age discrimination has the potential to negatively affect older jobseekers, they may want to take steps that will prevent their status as a baby boomer from impacting employers' hiring decisions. U.S. News and World Report recently offered a few suggestions.

For example, baby boomer jobseekers should try to avoid revealing their age when writing a resume and let their credentials define who they are. One way to accomplish this is by removing any work history that goes beyond the past 10 years. Any school graduation dates should also be removed.

Something else unemployed baby boomers can do to show employers they are just as qualified as younger candidates is to keep their skills up to date.

If older jobseekers have yet to do so, they can take a career test and use its results to tailor their job search to match their skills and personality.


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