How Does IQ Testing Integrate with Standardized Testing?

Most children in elementary school and middle school must take a standardized exam such as the ITBS or SAT-10 exam at least once a year.  This is true for both public schools and private ones, but many private schools actually go beyond the factual testing of the State Standards and also test for intelligence and personality, sometimes as part of admission criteria.

The Kids ISIQ IQ Test is a great test for young kids that works in conjunction with our practice tests for the standardized exams.  Taking both tests together will give a parent a greater overall picture of how well her child is performing in the classroom along with identifying the intellectual capabilities of her child. 

Parents and teachers can then analyze which areas the student is most capable in comparing intelligence and academic aptitude.  For example, if a child has high scores on the Arithmetic section of the Kids ISIQ, but struggles in the Math section of the standardized practice tests, a parent can draw conclusions that perhaps the student has the potential to develop more in math and simply needs additional study.  Likewise, if his intelligence score is low for Arithmetic, perhaps the student is actually performing to his full potential even if his math scores are merely average.

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