How much money does your neighbor make?

How much money does my neighbor (or coworker or friend or …) make?

Even though most would not ask this question out loud, it is still in the back of many of our minds.  This question is a part of our curiosity and maybe even our competitive drive.  While it might not be a good thing to actually ask your neighbors or friends about their finances, it is definitely beneficial to understand the career options out there.  This is especially true if you are struggling to make ends meet and want something better for the future.

What about checking out the MSN article, “How Long ‘Til You Earn Your First Million?”.  The article includes a list of current salaries for a variety of career options.

Ok, so now you know how much a neighbor or friend in a different career might be making, but how do you know which career is right for you?

At FunEducation, we offer several free tests and quizzes to explore what career would be best for you.  The best and most accurate one is the Free Career Test. This test gives you a very detailed 3-section report about your personality and which career would best fit that personality.

You might also try the free quiz, the Business Management Aptitude Test.  That test allows you to see if you are indeed management material or need additional education to accomplish this goal.

If you do find you need to go back to school to get the job you want, why not try one of the online schools for business professional?  You can get started searching for the perfect school in our Career and Education Center.

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