How social media use can backfire during the job search

How social media use can backfire during the job search



Individuals who are searching for jobs often hear about the networking benefits that come with creating a LinkedIn account, or how Twitter can inform them of employment opportunities. The truth is, social media can be just as useful a tool during the job search as a career test or high-quality resume. However, if job seekers are not careful, their use of social networking websites can backfire and endanger their chances of being hired.

For example, people may love to tweet, but if they post too much on their Twitter page, potential employers could grow skeptical of their work ethic.

"This can be a red flag to recruiters," Heather R. Huhman, founder of the digital and career consulting firm Come Recommended, told CBS MoneyWatch. "They will start thinking you spend all of your time on social media."

Something else recruiters will be on the lookout for is the type of information people share on their social media pages. Individuals who post about a bad day at work or complain about their boss may not be the most attractive candidates for a company looking to hire.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to interact with their friends. However, if these individuals are always posting profane comments or inappropriate pictures, their actions can reflect on any friends who are looking to land a job, according to Mashable. For this reason, it may be time for job seekers with questionable friends to set some online boundaries.

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