How to start a new job on the right foot

How to start a new job on the right foot

If the results of a career test paint a clear picture of the type of position jobseekers should be applying for, they may enter this role thinking they are exactly where they should be. However, these workers need to be careful, as how they start a job can say a lot about how successful they will be in the long run.

CBS MoneyWatch recently highlighted a few ways in which new chief executive officers can get started on the right foot. However, following the tips the news source offered may prove beneficial to workers at all levels.

For instance, something every professional should strive to do within the first three months of a new job is build trust. According to the news outlet, co-workers often wonder how political a new worker is or where their loyalties lie. Any misconceptions or doubt may lead to poor office relations, so establishing trust is crucial.

An employee never wants to directly emulate the individual who once held their job, especially if he or she was fired. However, the news source stated that getting to know what a predecessor did well and was valued for can never hurt.

According to Quintessential Careers, a few other things workers will want to do during their first few days at a new job include staying positive, finding a mentor and learning as much as possible about their new employer.

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