Illinois school up for 2011 Blue Ribbon School recognition

Students were recognized for their achievements 

As schools are judged on student performance on standardized tests, some are recognized for their high standards of education when the pupils score above average on the exams. One of the more popular standardized tests that is administered by Catholic schools is the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).

The Epiphany School in Normal, Illinois, has been nominated for a 2011 National Blue Ribbon school recognition because of its high scores on the ITBS, according to

"For the first time in our school’s history, each one of our classes, grades three through eight, have exceeded the national standards for Blue Ribbon recognition for the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. This is a major accomplishment for our students and staff," Epiphany principal Richard Morehouse told the news provider.

The news provider reports that the 2011 nominations for the public schools have not been made yet.

The Blue Ribbon Schools program was created in 1982, and recognizes academic institutions that attain high academic goals or beat the odds of their surroundings or background.

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  1. Denise Fisher December 8, 2010 at 2:40 am #

    I am not an expert on testing. However, I have administered the IOWA and SAT 10 a few times to my own children. I found the IOWA a little easier then the SAT 10. In talking with others, I recieved an explanation that that IOWA test is a good test, but the SAT 10 test the ceiling of children. I found the scores that my children received on both tests to be quite different and correlated with this explanation one time. Because of this, I give the SAT 10 now and not the IOWA. Although, I did enjoy the higher test scores on the IOWA. So, I would love any direction you guys have with test prep and test taking. I am a home school mom of four and involved with the national classical converstions home school program.

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