Inappropriate Facebook content may keep jobseekers from being hired

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Jobseekers may have pinpointed their ideal position after taking a career aptitude test and applied for roles at several companies. However, days become weeks and they never hear back. If this continues to happen, they may want to review their social media profiles and see what they say about them.

In a competitive job market, many employers are turning to websites such as Facebook and Twitter to weed out candidates, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Anything from the use of inappropriate language to a racy party picture can raise red flags for companies.

"We have seen pictures of people driving a vehicle with a beer in their hand, and that’s posted," Max Drucker, chief executive officer of California’s Social Intelligence, a job applicant screening service, told the news source. "We found a picture of a person wearing a t-shirt with flagrantly racist remarks."

Before jobseekers make another online post, the news outlet recommended they consider whether an employer will view it as evidence that they could be an unfit candidate.

As more people establish profiles on social media websites, it will become essential for jobseekers to pay attention to their online history. In fact, The New York Times reported that 75 percent of recruiters are now required by their companies to conduct online research on potential employees. 

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