Tips for crafting an effective interview follow-up letter

Effective interview follow-up letter tips

The results of a career test can certainly direct job seekers to the type of profession that is right for them. However, the impact these individuals have on potential employers is ultimately influenced by what they say and do during an interview. How job seekers choose to follow an interview may affect their chances of being hired, so they should make sure they know how to handle this process.

According to CBS MoneyWatch, there are a few things job seekers need for an effective follow-up letter, including a hiring manager's contact information. If this individual does not offer his or her email address, job seekers should not be afraid to ask for it after the interview.

As for the letter's format, the news source recommends individuals keep it short and concise. Any note that goes beyond three paragraphs will probably not be read.

At the same time, U.S. News & World Report suggests individuals decide what delivery method will be best for their letter. Most people should send whatever they have to say in an email. However, hiring managers who appear to be more traditional may benefit from receiving a handwritten or typed follow-up letter in the mail.

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