IQ Test Breathalyzer

Ever wake up the next morning and regret an email you wrote when you had a little too much to drink the night before?  Well, Google has the solution!  Google recently released a new Gmail feature called, Google Mail Goggles, which makes you take a short IQ test in order to determine if you are sober enough to write an email intelligently.  This new feature is getting quite a bit of “buzz” (pun intended) on the internet.  Whether it catches on or not is to be determined, but none the less it is a very interesting concept.

What if we need to take an IQ test before we can operate our cars?  We would not only reduce DUI’s but also reduce the number of people on the road making stupid mistakes that cause 10-car pileups on the freeway!  If this mini-IQ Test policy was in place for driving a car, what would the minimum IQ be?  Let’s say it is 100 which is the average IQ score.  Would you be smart enough to drive?

Take a free IQ Test and find out what your actual IQ score is.

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