Iron could potentially help a child’s IQ score

Red meat could boost brain power.

Parents who are looking to boost their child’s IQ scores can use different methods that have been shown to increase brain power.  Scientists have pointed to some nutrients that could potentially help or hurt brain development, depending on the dosage that individuals receive on a regular basis.  

An iron deficiency has the potential to stunt a child’s brain development, which could ultimately hurt their IQ, according to U.S. News & World Report. However, there are certain foods that provide the right amount of the nutrient that children can consume in order to get their daily values.

The news source reports that red meat has the most iron per ounce within any food. Additionally, because it’s in the form of heme iron, it’s the easiest to be used in the body. Some of the meats that have the most iron include beef, pork, lamb and liver.

According to Red Orbit, parents may also choose to give their children iron supplements, as the pills have been found to boost brain function in previous studies.

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