Jobseekers advised to keep searching during the holidays

 Jobseekers advised to keep searching during the holidays

As Thanksgiving approaches, some jobseekers may decide to take some time off from their search for employment opportunities, thinking that businesses will do the same. Despite what some believe, the holiday season is actually an excellent time to search for jobs, according to

During the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, people can take advantage of several networking opportunities.

"By doubling your efforts over the holidays at a time when many other unemployed workers are focused on activities other than job hunting, you increase your odds of finding a new position," said Tony Lee, publisher of

According to the online employment resource, hiring does not stop over the holidays. Attending holiday parties can provide an opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new connections that may lead to better job prospects. Furthermore, the season allows for a reason to reconnect with former co-workers and employers, who may be able to point jobseekers towards a few openings.

Before the holidays get underway, jobseekers may want to take a career aptitude test so they know what type of position will best suit their personalities.

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