Jobseekers who don’t follow application instructions unlikely to get hired

Jobseekers who don't follow application instructions unlikely to get hired

In today’s competitive job market, it is likely that individuals who apply to multiple jobs will never hear back from at least one of them. Every employer has its own reasons for not replying to an applicant, but sometimes, there are easily avoidable reasons for the silence that follows the submission of a resume.

Recently, CBS MoneyWatch rounded up a few of these reasons so that jobseekers can work toward receiving the kind of responses they desire. For instance, it may be easier to reuse the same cover letter template for multiple employers. However, people need to show why they are a good fit for a specific job. Generic reasons will not be of much assistance.

Employers are looking for people who can follow directions. However, if job candidates submit required information in the wrong format – or fail to provide essential materials altogether – they give a clear sign to hiring managers that they are not serious contenders for the openings they are applying for.

An inability to follow instructions is also linked to another possible reason for a lack of a response. According to Business Insider, jobseekers need to understand the position they are applying for and what types of credentials it requires.

One way individuals may be able to avoid applying for a position they are not suited for is by taking a career test and learning what type of profession is best for them.

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