Macedonian health minister aims to hire brainy advisers

Macedonian health minister aims to hire brainy advisers

Some people are intimidated by the extremely intelligent, while others prefer to have these individuals in their company. Nikola Todorov, the health minister for the Southeastern European country of Macedonia, falls into the latter category.

According to The Associated Press, Todorov's ministry recently announced that it is looking to hire 10 advisers. These individuals will provide consulting services once or twice a month and receive the U.S. equivalent of between $64 and $100 per day. However, these 10 positions are not open to just anybody, as all candidates must have an IQ of at least 140.

Most people's IQs fall somewhere between 90 and 110. If someone receives a score of 140 on an IQ test, they are considered to be at the genius level, the news source reported. In addition to possessing the ability to speak at least two languages and hold a university degree, job candidates' IQs should be certified by Mensa International.

The high IQ society counts about 110,000 individuals among its ranks, according to Mensa International's website. With so many geniuses living around the world, Todorov may just find the 10 advisers he is looking for.


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