Middle schoolers given career tests as a way to map their futures

 Middle schoolers are being given career tests

Some adults can have a difficult time trying to determine what kind of career path they should take. As the economy has made job hunting difficult, individuals across the country are rethinking their decisions when it comes to finding professional placement. A career test can be one way to show people their professional capabilities, but how old should one be to take a career test?

Eighth graders at Blythewood, South Carolina, are part of a new experiment to follow students from sixth grade through college to determine if career guidance in middle school will ultimately lead to their goals, according to WLTX.com.

Students are given a number of career tests and other surveys, and then must select a career cluster. Some of the participants are excited to see how this will map out their future.

"I have no idea what classes I will take in high school but hopefully there will be lots of classes that will help me get towards my goal and go to a good college," student Terrell Vaughn told the news provider.

Having the correct career path ahead of time could help students decide their future in terms of academics. Certain positions require a specific curriculum and time frame.

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