Mortgage Job Woes

All of the ups and downs of the mortgage industry over the last five years has come with both great wealth and great losses.  Some invested wisely and made a fortune.  Some took out bad loans and lost their livelihood.  Some brokers sold loans honestly, most did not.

With all of this investor turmoil, we have to also look at how the ups and downs affected the job market.  From 2002-2005 we saw a enormous increase in housing industry jobs including mortgage brokers and real estate agents.  As the market cooled, those jobs went away.  According to, one out of every six job losses in 2008 came from the financial sector.

So, what are former finance industry workers to do now?  Why not start with a free career test and find your perfect alternate career!  Perhaps your perfect career is actually as a teacher… or government worker.  Perhaps you are best suited for hotel management.  Take one of our free quizzes today!

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