North Carolina resident joins Mensa at the age of 6

North Carolina resident joins Mensa at the age of 6 

Many students struggle to get through algebra class, while some adults still do not have a good handle on this branch of mathematics. This is not the case for Kalee Hall, a 6-year-old North Carolina resident, who learned the basics of algebra while having lunch in a Pizza Hut, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.

This is not Hall’s only accomplishment, but it is one reason why she is now a member of Mensa. It is not uncommon for the high IQ society to offer membership cards to gifted children. In fact, the news source stated that the group’s youngest member on record was 2-years-old.

Hall’s mother, Karen, would not release Kalee’s official IQ, but she did tell the news outlet that the 6-year-old’s score placed her in the 99th percentile. In order to gain entry into Mensa, her score had to be at least 132, but the news source stated that Kalee may have placed somewhere over 140.

As a member of Mensa, Hall will join around 110,000 members who come from 100 countries and all walks of life, according to the society’s website.

Parents who are curious to see if their children have what it takes to join Mensa may want to have them take an IQ Test for Kids.

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